I Will Rejoice and be Glad In It!

//I Will Rejoice and be Glad In It!

I Will Rejoice and be Glad In It!

Proverbs 118:24 I will rejoice and be glad in it.

In my final thoughts on this verse, I am challenged in the “space between my ears”! I love being reminded that today is the day the Lord has made because sometimes it is so easy to get frustrated by what is happening today and forget that He, the Lord God has made this day for me. And He knew every single little detail of this day and yet it is a gift from Him.

But then comes the bigger challenge, at times, for me. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it! I know that in the Hebrew language this wording can just be the future tense, meaning the Lord know I will (in the future, or later on today) be glad. And I am ok with that understanding of this verse.

However, my challenge can be in looking at this just a little bit differently! It’s not talking about the future, but it is talking about my will. I WILL BE GLAD in this day, no matter what comes. I WILL BE GLAD in this day regardless of how I feel! I WILL BE GLAD because I can’t control how this day unfolds, but I can control how I look at and feel about this great day that my Lord has gifted and blessed me with. So, what do you say? Will you be glad today, for today, all that today brings? I CHOOSE to be glad today because this is a wonderful day that my God has privileged me to experience to the fullest.

Let’s be glad and happy and joyful and blessed by the today that we have received from our God! It just could be our last! Let’s go out with a smile on our face and praise on our lips for Him.

I guess it is what it means to live intentionally. Don’t succumb to circumstances but let us choose to rejoice and be glad in Him and His blessings today.

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