Living Life with the Right Focus

//Living Life with the Right Focus

Living Life with the Right Focus

Ten days ago, DeAnne and I were in San Antonio, Texas to attend our daughter-in- law’s graduation from Texas State University. We had a great time with her and our son, Caleb, as we celebrated this achievement and the next step in their lives together.

While we were there, Caleb and I took the time to go play a round of golf. It was a beautiful day and the course was in immaculate condition! The starter who took us to the first hole informed of the wonderful conditions on the course that day, gave us some instructions and welcomed us to the club. About 2 holes in to our round, I wished he had given us even more instructions and especially a few golf lessons!

golfcelebration_storyHebrews 12:1b-2a, “let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2  looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.” 

In our Christian faith we are encouraged to look to Jesus as we run. Great runners never look at the crowd or behind to see who is catching up with them, they fix their eyes on the finish line! The golf course we played was beautiful but I was reminded very quickly that I had to focus on the target for my next shot! If I focused in on the sand trap that was next to the green or the pond that I had to hit over to reach the green, the results were not good! Let’s focus on Jesus! Let’s make sure that He is our target, our goal, and focus!

I had some holes that I played really well and others, well, not so much! But I also discovered that when I relished the challenge and did not fix my vision and thoughts on the obstacles, problems or the difficulty of the hole, I played much better!

It reminded me again that when we focus on Jesus and our relationship with Him, life just works better! We will have better results and our Christian life will be more rewarding! When we focus on Him and our relationship with Jesus, all our other relationships work better too!

So, today, let’s focus on our relationship with Jesus Christ and not worry or stress over the sand traps that we will encounter and see if we can shoot par today or maybe even a birdie! Let’s look to Jesus who is our goal and waits for us at our finish line.

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Mark Doll
Mark serves as associate pastor at Gateway Nazarene. Mark has been a missionary in Mexico. He loves soccer and the University of Maryland Terps! Mark has four children and several grandchildren. Mark's wife DeAnne serves in several leadership roles in the local church as well as registrar for William Penn University.

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