The “Unworldly” Kingdom

//The “Unworldly” Kingdom

The “Unworldly” Kingdom

It was the last day of his life. Jesus was standing before the Roman governor, Pilate. Pilate asked Jesus if he was the King of the Jews? Jesus’ response to him was, “My kingdom is not of this world”. He did not deny the assertion that he was a king, but just what kind of a kingdom he reigned over. (John 18:36)

As I opened up my devotional book this morning I was greeted with that verse from the Book of John. And this morning, like most recently, I was grieving the tone and the attitudes that I find on Facebook, the media, and even conversations between friends and neighbors. I, like most people in the United States have been disturbed with the growing trends in our election process. Attacks have become more brutal and personal. Accusations are often made without any concern whether they are truthful or not. Any person and anything is fair game for destruction if it will help a candidate get elected.

We, as followers of Jesus Christ, need to step back and reflect on what Jesus told his world, his political structure and his disciples. We are to follow the Rabbi Jesus who clearly indicated that his kingdom was not an earthly one. We may hold citizenship in the United States of America, but we have a much higher calling and allegiance than that. We belong to a kingdom that is not of this world! It is a kingdom not tainted with the morality of this world, the priorities of this world or its sinfulness. It is an unworldly kingdom that will endure for eternity! It is a heavenly kingdom.

My prayer today is that we will carefully make the decision to vote or not to vote based on God’s Word. That we do so mindful of the fact that we have a high calling as citizens of the heavenly kingdom and ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Let us go through this election process keenly aware of the fact that everything we say, post online, or do will reflect on Christ and His Kingdom.

So, let’s live as faithful subjects of the heavenly kingdom, the Kingdom of God. And as such, may we never forget that He is still on the throne of Heaven, no matter what happens here on earth! We can trust our Heavenly Father to carry out His will even though we may not understand or like it. But pray, “Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven”. In the last chapter of the Bible Jesus states 3 times, “I am coming soon!” Let’s live expecting His soon return when Jesus will establish the only perfect and righteous Kingdom.

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