This Is The Day

//This Is The Day

This Is The Day

Psalms 118:24

This is the day is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

When I was a student at Vennard College, our Academic Dean, LeRoy Lindsey, would often lead chapel and always opened our time with these words from Psalm 118. We always knew it was coming! We would join him in saying them! And they still challenge me almost every day.

THIS is the day!

Today, these 24 hours, are the day that I have been given to live my life. I can’t go back and change yesterday and I can’t live in my future. I need to wisely use this incredible gift that the Lord has given to me. So, help me Lord to faithfully serve you and be wise in my use of this day.

This IS the day!

Is- present tense! The way I’ll live today is a sum of all the moments that I live. Help me to honor you in each and every one of them!

This is THE day!

As I grow older, I am more aware that I have this day, it really could be my last day. Certainly, none of us are guaranteed anything more than this present moment! When my mother was 49 she was diagnosed with a major brain tumor. She changed the way she lived! I watched her live daily with a razor-sharp focus to make sure everyone knew she loved them. She was determined to share her faith in her Lord Jesus Christ and she wanted her family and friends to know Him too! Lord, help me to live that way, every day!

This is the DAY!

Today is the day I have. This is a gift from God. May I take advantage of every moment, every second to live in such a way that those who cross my path today will be impacted with the love and power of the Holy Spirit through me. May I faithfully and clearly reflect your love and light into a dark world today, this day. This day You have given to me!

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Andy Watts
Andy serves as youth pastor at Gateway Nazarene. He grew up in this church and came back after his education in order to serve in the community he loves. Andy is married to Lindsay and has two children Ellie and Eli.

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