We’re Going to a Wedding!

//We’re Going to a Wedding!

We’re Going to a Wedding!

Tomorrow afternoon, DeAnne, Katie and I are going to leave Oskaloosa and drive west. We are going to Oregon! I love this drive! It is filled with many miles of straight road but also much majestic splendor and beautiful scenery. My father-in-law never tires of telling me that Oregon, well actually Washington State, is God’s country. I humor him, because I love him, respect him and deep down in my heart I know, like you all do too, that the Eastern Shore of Maryland is really God’s country. Washington State, not so much.

I regress. We will cover many miles as we make this trip. We will cross the wide plains of Nebraska, the rolling hills of Wyoming, (remembering the mule deer that totaled our car here the last time we made this journey!), the many-colored sands and fascinating rock formations of Utah, and even enjoy the sights of distant mountains, glowing brightly with their white-capped summits. As we reach Idaho and Eastern Oregon we will again cross plains covered with wheat and wild grasses and native flowers. But the best moments are as we begin to descend towards the mighty Columbia River and eventually enter the Columbia River Gorge. The beauty is overwhelming and I find it difficult to watch the road and not the sights that surround me. We will see rivers that flow out of Oregon and empty into the Columbia. We will enter the Cascade mountain range and we will sink with the river towards the valleys that lie ahead of us. But the sight that I always anticipate with such joy is the first sight of the elegant Mount Hood! That is DeAnne’s mountain and I love to watch her face as we see her and her beauty and grace! It also reminds us that we will soon arrive in Portland and see family and friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time. Our visit will be good and our celebration with Tita and her fiancé David, will be wonderful!

Our trip, which we will enjoy, pales in comparison to the journey that we are on with the Lord! He leads in a direction that He maps out for us and it is a beautiful drive! He lets us experience beauty and thrills, along with some bumps in the road and accidents along the way. He will lead us through some valleys so deep and dark that we might wonder if we’ll ever see the Son again. But He is with us, just as He promised. We traverse some long flat plains where we see the Lord’s blessing of fruit and growth in our lives, but we also will travel through some dry and discouraging days of sagebrush and jack rabbits.

But remember, we are on a journey with the King of Kings and our Lord and Savior! He is leading to the true eternal God’s country where there will be peace, joy, love, and Himself! We will see Him! We will walk with Him! We will rest from our labors and trials and sit at His feet and learn from Him and worship Him. What a day that will be! Oh yes, and THERE WILL BE A WEDDING! We will be His bride and we will forever be with Him and all the saints from all the ages!

So, let’s not get so buried in all the details of the trip. But lift our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Embrace the valleys, love the mountain tops, bask in the bright blues of the wide open sky and the awesome flowing rivers. Let’s keep our eyes on our destination and we will soon be home at last!

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Mark serves as associate pastor at Gateway Nazarene. Mark has been a missionary in Mexico. He loves soccer and the University of Maryland Terps! Mark has four children and several grandchildren. Mark's wife DeAnne serves in several leadership roles in the local church as well as registrar for William Penn University.

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