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Essentials of Parenting

Essentials of Parenting is an interactive training series of 6-7 sessions of three distinct studies of parenting:             1. The Power of Love             2. Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts             3. Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today’s World 2nd session Oct. 30 through Dec. 18 Sunday Evenings at 5:30 pm Cost: [...]

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Huntly Brown In Concert

Huntley Brown joined us in worship with a concert performance Saturday, September 17, at 7:00 pm and 10:30 am Worship Service – September 18. Huntley’s playing is from the heart – amazing, soaring, explosive, bursting with life, profoundly moving.  As a part of the Billy Graham Association, he plays all over the globe in evangelistic crusades and [...]

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Baptism Service

  Sunday evening, August 7, was a tremendous evening of joy and gladness as thirteen individuals followed our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy sacrament of water baptism.  Each person who was baptised shared with those present their testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ, and what a difference following Christ has made in his/her life.  [...]

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Shannon Breon Distinguished Service Award

Shannon Breon was honored Sunday, July 24th with a Distinguished Service Award. Her efforts in various ministries, as well as her constant Christ-like behavior, have been a great asset for Gateway Church.

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Dr. Melvin Knuckles Honored

Dr. Melvin Knuckles and his family were honored Sunday, July 24th during the Worship Service. Dr. Knuckles recently allowed the Church the opportunity to purchase a Grand Piano in remembrance of his wife.

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