Office phone and Home: (641) 373-3417 or (641) 673-4309

Main Job Responsibilities: I am the Visitation Pastor (part-time) at Gateway Church. Major responsibilities include: visiting the elderly in nursing homes, assisted care facilities and homes, transporting people to the hospital and calling on people in the hospital, teaching Sunday School and attending staff and board meetings.

Spouse: Vera

Children: Tim Sprunk & wife Loretta; Two grandchildren – Ryan and Morgan

Favorite Food: Cheerios, Cranberry Juice, Hamburger, Cottage Cheese/Pineapple Salad, Lemon Pie

My path to ministry at Gateway Church: I started attending Gateway Church in 1967 while I was teaching at Vennard College and pastoring part-time at Rose Hill Community Church. I retired from part-time pastoring in 1989 and from teaching in 1994. At this time I was able to be more involved in the life and ministry of the church. Under Rev. Gary Smith’s ministry¬† I was asked to serve part-time as Visitation Pastor in which I still serve. I am thankful to the Lord and Gateway Church.

What I like best about working at Gateway Church is: I appreciate the sense of being in God’s will and blessing Him in my life and service at Gateway Church. Life truly is much about “loving God and loving each other.”