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Bill Hines serves as the lead pastor at Gateway Nazarene. Bill began his ministry here at Gateway in April of 2015. Bill is married to Missy. They have 8 children: Aubyn, Ashton, Hunter, Ivy, Chesney, Blaise, Hawk, and Wilder

Let’s Go Fishing!

Several Saturdays ago I loaded 3 of my kids  in the car, threw in some fishing poles and snacks, and took off to meet another family at a large farm pond for a day of fishing.  Many fish were caught!  I would like to tell you that we caught fish on every cast, but that [...]

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Devoted to What?

I remember not to many years ago spending 5-6 hours a day conditioning and playing basket ball. I wanted to be the best player I could possibly be!  I ran, lifted weights, jumped rope, did dribble drills, speed drills, shooting drills, and played in as many pickup basket ball games as I could.  The result [...]

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