Hines FamilyMain Responsibilities: As Lead Pastor, God has called me to be a leader, overseer, and visionary to the flock. This calling drives me to preach simply and clearly the Word of God and the message of holiness, spurring people to maturity in Christ.

Spouse: My beautiful wife, Missy, and I have been married for 21 years. She is my support and my best friend.

Children: This page isn’t big enough. LOL! We have eight beautiful children ranging in age from college to infant. They are Aubyn, Ashton, Hunter, Ivy, Chessnee, Blaise, Hawk, and Wilder.

Favorite Foods: Chinese and Seafood. Combine the two and I’m extremely happy!

Hobbies: Basketball, hunting, and fishing.

My Path to Gateway Church of the Nazarene: While a student at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, I answered His call to preach and my journey began. I have been in full time ministry for over 22 years. I have pastored in Ohio, Florida, West Virginia, and now Iowa as of April 2015. I feel blessed and humbled that God