Coming Sunday, April 10, 2011, 10:30AM! The original Blackwood Brothers Quartet was formed in 1934 in the hills of Mississippi, with Roy, Doyle, James, and Roy’s oldest son, R. W. Blackwood. Their dedication and effort to spread the Gospel in song has left a great heritage and blessed the lives of many people. Since that early formation, the group has won countless awards, sung thousands of concerts, and appeared on many television shows.

The dedication of Roy, Doyle, James, and R. W. Blackwood continues today through the hearts and lives of the Blackwood Quartet. They still sing the traditional close harmony quartet style music the Blackwood’s are famous for.

markblackwood Mark Blackwood started singing when he was nine years old with the Blackwood Little Brothers. Mark is the lead and baritone singer for the Blackwood Quartet. He has won two Grammy awards for recordings he produced for the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. Mark is the son of the late Cecil Blackwood, who was the baritone for the group for forty-six years. Mark was born and raised in Memphis, but now lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, Jennifer, son, Jamison, and twin daughters Callie and Carrie.
daleevans Dale Evans is truly one of the great tenors of our day, and his voice adds an incredible dynamic to the quartet.  He got his start in Gospel music singing in his family’s group. Dale lives in Halls, Tennessee with his wife Tammy, son Cade and daughter Cayna.
dalemann David Mann is the baritone/lead for the quartet. Throughout his life he has sung in many different groups and church choirs; in fact, the first recording of him singing was made when David was only three years old. In the spring of 2006, David was married to his beautiful wife, Jael and in the fall of 2007, they have a son, Jack, and a daughter Carlee.
chriswest Chris West adds the great low down bass part to the Blackwood Quartet.
deanhaskins Dean Haskins has worked with the Blackwood Quartet for more than a decade, sometimes touring, and at other times, working behind the scenes in the studio and scheduling concerts. Dean is now touring with the quartet as pianist/vocal arranger and road manager.

The Blackwood Quartet does not take its heritage in Gospel music lightly, nor the responsibility of integrity that goes with it. It is the sincere desire of the Blackwood Quartet that the people who hear them will be moved to a deep spiritual commitment and give all the glory to the Lord Jesus.