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The Toughest Time Ever

What is the toughest time you have ever faced?  For me it was several years ago.  The long hrs of ministry were catching up with me.  The body can only sustain 70- 80 hr work weeks for so long.  Physically and mentally I  became exhausted and was facing burn out.  I was entering some of the darkest days of my [...]

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Spiritual Vacation?

As I am a writing this blog I'm sitting on a screened-in porch, overlooking a beautiful lake, surrounded by palm trees and cypress trees. Not to mention it's 75 degrees. I'm in Florida vacationing with my family. I believe R&R with family is vital. Personal R&R is a physical necessity. But, a spiritual vacation is NOT an option. [...]

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How Much is That Pie?

FUNDRAISER!!! Just typing that word made me cringe, and it probably made most of you quit reading! The fundraiser is one of the necessary evils of youth ministry. Universities don’t spend much time teaching you about fundraisers while preparing you for the ministry but they are a regular part of every youth ministry. This past weekend was our annual Pie [...]

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How Do We Worship?

Worship has become such a loaded topic in churches everywhere.  What comes to mind when someone asks about the worship at your church?  Most likely it is what kind of songs you sing on Sunday morning.  That is the first thing that comes to mind for most anyone.  All of us who have been in church very long have heard [...]

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