Ten years ago this week, I stood at the edge of the church parking lot of the South 11th campus, with tears rolling down my face as I watched my childhood church burn to the ground. The emotions were overwhelming as the memories that were made in that church kept flooding back to my mind. My dad put his arm around my sister and I and said “It’s just a building. It’s not the church.” I had heard this before and understood the truth behind the words. The Church of Christ is the believers not the building. But it wasn’t until this point in my life that I finally ‘got it’.

The Church knows no earthly boundaries. The Church is not boxed in by four walls, denominational lines, geographical barriers, or international borders. The Church is the people. Believers of Jesus Christ.

Imagine a young newlywed that is so passionately in love with his new bride that he would do anything for her! In the book of Ephesians, the Church is described as the Bride of Christ whom Jesus loved “…and gave himself up for her.” (5:25) Our God died for the Church. He loves it that much, he believes in it that much, he is choosing to use it as his redemption plan for the world. No matter the problems that this world may face, the Church of God will roll on.

Ten years later, our local church is experiencing growth that we haven’t seen in years. The blessing of God is on the church and it is evidenced by the Holy Spirit moving and lives being forever changed. As the old building burned, the church sign stood as a great reminder for the future of our church, “Count your blessings, not your problems.”

In Christ,

Pastor Andy Watts