What is the Evaluation Session

The main purpose of evaluations is to gather information on each player in order to create equal teams and to gather accurate sizing information.  Consistency is the key in all aspects of evaluations!

Evaluation Stations

Evaluations consist of 5 different stations:

  1. Greeting Area
  2. Registration Area
  3. Welcome Room
  4. Sizing and Height area
  5. Evaluation Drills area

Registation Area

The registation area consists of two tables, pre-registered and registration. Anyone who has not registered on-line or at the church office will need to visit the registration table.

The Welcome Room

Once registration is taken care of Athletes will be sent to the sizing/height area and parents will head to the welcome room. The welcome room will be a place for parents to ask questions and get information about upward basketball.

Sizing Area

The sizing area will a place for the athletes to get their correct size jersey as well as their height. They will bring their sign-up form to that area to give to the workers to record their shirt size and height. Once they have completed the