how to register

DEADLINE December 13, 2014
Late registration available until January  6th.

Registration is $64 and includes a quality reversible jersey and t-shirt for basketball. Registration between December 13th and January 6th is considered late and will cost $75 so get registered early! There are two steps in signing up for an Upward league.  Each participate must  (1.) complete a registration form, and (2.) attend one evaluation.

Both steps can be done at the evaluation/sign-up (see below); registration forms can be completed, payment made (by check or cash), and player evaluation/orientation completed.  However, to secure your child’s registration for the upcoming season, it is best to either complete online registration or mail in registration form to guarantee your child’s spot.  Some divisions will fill quickly.

Note: Scholarships are available. At Gateway church we don’t want money to be a reason  your child doesn’t experience Upward. If you can’t afford the registration cost feel free to let us know at evaluation time. We simply ask that you pay as much as you can. Whether it is $5.00, $10.00, or none. We have people within our church who are prepared to help you.

1.  Completing the Registration Form

There are two ways to submit the registration form:
A.  online registration

NOTE:  When completing online registration, payment can be made using credit/debit.  Payment can also be sent in the mail or brought to evaluation/orientation.  Payment by credit/debit card is not available at evaluation/orientation.

B.  Fill out a paper registration form (Available at church office), and bring to one of the sign-ups/evaluations or send to: Gateway Nazarene Church 140 Gateway Drive Oskaloosa, IA 52577

NOTE:  Extra registration forms will be available at every evaluation/orientation.  Checks should be made out to Gateway Church of the Nazarene and included when registration form is mailed in.  Payment can also be submitted at evaluation/orientation.  Payment by credit/debit card is not available at evaluation/orientation.

2.  Attend Evaluation

Every participate must attend one evaluation orientation.  Dates and times for these evaluations/orientations are listed below.
Basketball Evaluations consist of the following: height measurement, uniform sizing, and skill evaluation.  Each participate performs fundamental basketball drills during the evaluation and is assigned a score.  These scores are used to assist Upward staff in drafting equal teams.  THIS IS NOT A TRYOUT, EVERY CHILD WILL BE PLACED ON A TEAM.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete your child’s evaluation.  If not already made, registration payment can be made during evaluations by check, payable to Upward, or by cash.  NOTE: Extra registration forms will be available at evaluation.