Gateway Church of the Nazarene Children’s Department

*Graduation June 2nd at Gateway.

Students going into kindergarten 2013-2014 are eligible to attend Wacky Wednesday.

Students who will be attending 6th grade in 2013-2014 have graduated to the teen department.

Dates: June 5 to August 28th (6:30 to 8 PM with on campus arrival by 8:15 PM).

General Information:

  • All children must fill out an off-campus permission slip.
  • No money is required.
  • Summer Devotional Review: What is our God like? .

Summer Schedule:

  • June 5: Picnic in the part at Edmunson  (Piñata  action-packed relays, and roasting marshmallows).
  • June 12:Improv &  Drama at George Daily Auditorium
  • June 19: Swimming (bring towel)
  • June 26:  Russell Wildlife Canoeing Expedition
  • July 3:  Miniature Golf  
  • July 10: Lake Keomah Sand Castles Contest (wear old clothes and shoes that can get wet)
  • July 17: No Wacky Wednesday – Iowa Nazarene Convention (On Campus Children’s Activity)
  • July 24: Bowling (bring socks)
  • July 31: Russell Wildlife Hike, Archery, & Museum
  • August 7: Russell Wildlife Fishing Expedition  
  •  August 14: Swimming  (bring towel)
  • August 21: Hiking at Lake Keomah (S’Mores & Other Surprises)!
  • August 28: Mysterious Destination (bring socks)

Wacky Wednesday Information Bulletin

Theme: Unity! “How Good and Pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) live together in unity!”

Psalms 133:1

Weekly Mini Devotionals

What is our God like?

June 5: Psalm 2:4 says God is like a king on heaven’s throne. In Bible times a king sat on his throne to give orders and make decisions. To say God is a king on heaven’s throne means that he commands what will happen.

 June 12: Psalm 7:10 says God is like a shield. A shield protected a soldier from the spears and arrows of his enemies. To call God a shield means God will protect the person who trusts Him.

June 19: Psalm 17:13 says God is like a warrior. He protects us and comes to our rescue when we are in trouble. When othrs threaten to hurt us and we feel scared and helpless, it is good to remember that God is on our side.

June 26: Psalm 23 says God is like a shepherd. A shepherd loves and cares for his sheep. He watches them closely, protects them from danger, and makes sure they have enough to eat and drink. To say God is our shepherd means that He watches over us and will show us what is best for us.

 July 3: Psalm 43:2 says God is like a stronghold. A stronghold was a walled city or fort where people went when an enemy army invaded the land. To say God is a fortress means He will keep us safe in times of danger.

July 10: Psalm 38 pictures God as an archer. His arrows wound a person who does wrong. When we feel bad about doing wrong, we confress our sins. Then God will forgive and heal us.

July 24: Psalm 61:3 says God is like a strong tower. Strong towers were built inside walled cities. Even if the walls were broken down, the people of the city would be safe inside the tower.

July 31: Psalm 71:3 says God is a rock of refuge. Some cities and forts were built on high rocky mountain cliffs. To call God a rock of refuge means we are safest when we trust in Him.

August 7: Psalm 89 says God is “Lord God Almighty.” He is the one who created the whole universe. He created the stars, the sun, the earth and everything on it, including us. Such a powerful God is surely able to take cre of us.

August 14: Psalm 103:13 says God is like a compassionate father. This means God loves us very much. He made us, and He knows us better than we know ourselves. He will not stay angry when we sin, but He will forgive us.

August 21: Psalm 119:97 says God is the lawgiver. He gives us rules to live by, to keep us from doing wrong. God is good, and He shows us how to do good. The writer of this psalm loved God’s rules, thought about them “all day long” and obeyed them.

August 28: Psalm 139:13 says that God knew David even before he was born. God made David and loved him and watched him grow. God knew you and watched over you before you were born too. You are special to God because he made you.

August 25th , Gateway at 6 PM will be Caravan Awards & Quizzing Recognition.

 Living Epistles Begins September 4th