Two Opportunities:

Group Tickets and VIP Session for Leaders

We are selling group tickets for $8.00 each. All you need to do is purchase 10 or more tickets.

FOR YOU ONLY -> USE CODE: MINDBLOWN for an additional %15 percent of ticket prices!

Leaders, if you purchase 10 or more tickets to bring your group we will have a special VIP session for GROUP LEADERS with Sean before the show as well as preferred seating for your group.

  • Doors open at 5:15 for you and your group.
  • You, the leader, will have a special session with Sean at 5:30 for 20 minutes.
  • Make this a special night for your group.
Buy Tickets Now!

Up Close and Personal

Sean will be in the area November 1st – November 5th. We have time slots available for Sean to visit your small group. During the visit he will perform as well as connect with the audience in a up close and personal setting.

  • 30 min – 45 min time slots available
  • Up close illusions and card tricks
  • short message built in

Slots will fill up quickly so please email with time and details so we can get you set up. If you are interested in Sean visiting please
email Rob Hammann

Who is Sean Emory?

Sean is a gifted evangelist with a unique set of skills that captures the attention of those he interacts with. Sean is more than an illusionist, he is a perception artist. Sean combines his skills as an illusionist, mentalist, and speaker to create a memorable evening.

Focusing more and more on his talents for illusion, Sean created an effect used by many professional magicians today, which made his name a staple in the world of creative magic. This led him to Las Vegas where he studied alongside some of the greatest names in magic, as well as catching the attention of audiences. Sean’s experience there heightened his interest, as well as his work ethic and discipline. But the true epiphany came when Sean realized he could combine illusion with the one reality he was even more passionate about—sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone he could.

In December of 2012, Sean once again proved his individuality and creativity to the world when he proposed to his wife, Andrea, using magic. A personal moment intended to only be seen by family and friends became a viral video when posted on YouTube, racking up 500,000 views in just one week. The video was shown on major online news sites such as YahooCBSThe Huffington Post, and The Sun before catching the attention of Good Morning America, where Sean and Andrea appeared in an on-screen interview. Their proposal has now appeared on TV and online in 6 continents. The couple was married in 2013.

Sean has been all around the US and across the globe sharing the gospel with those who will listen. He has been performing as a perception artist for over five years. He uses creativity to share the gospel story that reaches people. We are bringing Sean to Southeast Iowa and are inviting you to participate.