This morning I turned on my phone and had a message from Facebook. I know you are as shocked by that as I was! Sure you were, or not. But this message was letting me know that James Campau, one of my genuine friends, not just a fb friend was celebrating a birthday today!

I doubt that many, if any, of you who are reading this blog have any idea who James Campau is, but allow me a few minutes to share with you who he is. You need to understand that a little over 17 years ago I was invited to return to Vennard College to teach at the institution where I studied Bible and Music many years ago. DeAnne and I were excited about the prospects of returning to Oskaloosa and Vennard. I would be the new Mission/Cross-Cultural professor and I discovered shortly after arriving that Dr. Campau who had been teaching those classes would be teaching the pastoral ministry students.

I was concerned that James Campau was giving up his classes for me. I wanted to apologize to him, but Jim would hear nothing of it. He willingly to do what would be the best for all involved. I soon learned that Jim was no ordinary man. He was kind and gentle! He helped me in my adjustment to teaching at Vennard and was always available to listen and give advice, if asked! He was a genuinely humble man. He would serve the Lord and do that with his whole heart. He taught me through his example what it meant to love his students. Oh yes, he loved to teach, but he realized that his calling was not to teach subjects, but to teach the students who sat before him every day. He challenged them to excel for God!

Jim and his wife, Shelby, were Christ-like servants who patiently and consistently modeled the fruit of the Spirit in their personal lives. But they didn’t retire from ministry, they continue to serve around the world the love of Christ and the message of full salvation. Dr. James Campau, thank you for giving to the Lord! I was just one life that was changed! May the Lord bless you richly today as you celebrate a life well lived!

So, who do you need to thank today for the impact they have had on you and your life? Do it today!