What is the toughest time you have ever faced?  For me it was several years ago.  The long hrs of ministry were catching up with me.  The body can only sustain 70- 80 hr work weeks for so long.  Physically and mentally I  became exhausted and was facing burn out.  I was entering some of the darkest days of my life and experienced depression for the first time, and only time.  Depression consumed nearly 9 months of my life.  Physically and mentally I was shot and I knew that if I wasn’t careful it would affect me spiritually.  BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL!  I was Weak, but HE was Strong!  The more I depended on Him, the more strength I received.

I woke up every morning to a scripture that was on my wall.  Eph. 6:10be strong in the Lord, and his mighty power. ”  I draw strength from Him in my weakness.  I practiced flapping my wings of PRAYER and PRAISE ( 2 things you don’t want to do when you are in the valley ) God was faithful!  God sustained! God strengthened me!

Eph. 8:26 says “the Spirit helps us in our weakness.” He picked me up and carried me through the storm and I came out the other side stronger and deeper in Christ.

Eph. 8:28 says ” we know that in ALL THINGS( good or bad) God works for the GOOD of those who LOVE him.

Do you love Him?  Are you facing tough days?  Our God can take the storm and calm it!  Trust and depend on him today for your strength.  FLAP YOUR WINGS!